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Occupational Stress in Police Personnel

Law enforcement personnel are exposed to high levels of stress in their professional life. Personnel belonging to uniformed services, who are allotted field duties are even more prone to stress and its adverse effects. The job performed by typical police personnel...

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Arogya Bhadratha Scheme

Police duty demands day and night service as there is no fixed hours of duty. Police personnel are more prone to get into serious health problems due to exigencies of their duties and the connected professional hazards. Earlier, in spite of the of the fact...

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Brake-ing the Myth

The rate of accidents by women drivers is 70 per cent less than the accidents caused by male drivers. An estimated 3 lakh women drive on Hyderabad city's roads, making up 20 per cent of the total vehicular population, but the number of offences committed by them are relatively smaller...

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Hyderabad Traffic on Facebook

Hyderabad is famous for its snarled traffic and infamous for its unruly drivers - aggressive rule- breakers who barrel through red lights, ignore crosswalks and veer into bicycle or bus lanes to find open routes. Now, the city's overburdened traffic police officers have enlisted an unexpected...

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